Stress & Resilience Training for Leaders

Leaders Burnout in 18 months ...

You cannot get the job done well, if you are overwhelmed and overloaded! Don't compromise your future and your potential because of unchecked pressure and demands.


In 15 minutes a day, increase your capacity.

Learn proven techniques and FOCUS.

Dr. Cynthia Howard has helped thousands of high performers deal with pressure and stress. We want to teach you strategies they use!

Too Much Stress & Pressure Has Consequences!


Leaders quickly burn out before they learn the job.


Most leaders lose confidence and struggle with self doubt under pressure.


Once you let stress take over, there is loss of opportunity and risk to your future potential.

You Need a Strategy!

With Accelerated Change

You Need to Accelerate How You Think...

In 15 minutes a day, using proven tools, you will transform your reaction to stress. We have everything you need, set up in an easy to follow plan:  100 day road map, videos, workbook and proven strategies to increase your focus and decrease the feelings of overwhelm, fatigue and stress.

resilience training for leaders

As a result of this program you will ...

Have a Resilient Mindset

Known to increase your capacity. A resilient mindset is optimistic, flexible and able to adapt.

Reboot Your Attention

With distraction as the new normal, it takes more time and effort to get work done. You will learn to reboot your attention. You will learn proven tools used by millions.

Re-Energize. Refresh. Remember why you wanted to lead...

With the right tools and strategy you can reconnect to your passion and purpose and be the leader you want to be.

What Our Clients Have Said

Dr. Howard is the real deal! Stress was overwhelming me and I almost quit my job. After this training, I realized there was an option!

Stephanie P., Director of Marketing

Going through this program changed my life! I now have tools and a strategy to deal with the pressure. I am not spinning my wheels.

Jessica K., Manager, Outpatient Surgery

This was fantastic. I struggled with a colleague and after this program I understand how to set boundaries and take care of me.

Colette F., Director, Simulation Lab

What's Included:

  • Physical products: workbook & road map.  [Value $99]
  • Inner Balance device & app to keep you on track. [Value $160]
  • Assessment measuring 3 critical indicators related to resilience. [Value $199]
  • 1:1 session with Dr. Cynthia Howard [Value $295]
  • 9 online modules, available 24/7,  [Value $295]
  • Private Facebook group for interaction, networking and individualized support. [Value Priceless]
  • Confidence and proven strategies you can use again and again.
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Value over $995

What You Will Gain:

Developing your skills in resilience strengthens your emotional effectiveness and leadership agility. This course will change how you experience stress and pressure, strengthening your leadership brand.


This is the most significant characteristic of successful leaders.

Focus & Grit

When stress hits, focus and confidence is lost. You will have tools to change that.


Tired of feeling overloaded? You will learn proven tools to re-energize you, for a bigger impact.

What You Can Expect

This blended program with assessments, 1:1 coaching, online training and live group support will take you beyond the overwhelm, increase your focus and energy and boost your leadership.

You will learn proven tools, transform your reaction to stress and get back to your passion for why you wanted to be a leader.

Proven Stress Strategies
Strategy to Deal with Pressure
New Perspective
100 Day Roadmap to Move Forward Fearlessly

Register Now!

This program will transform how you respond to stress. The tools are proven and can be quickly integrated into your day. Let's get started!

This program is easily valued at over $995.
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Your Executive Coach

Dr. Cynthia Howard (RN, CNC, PhD)

20+ year private practice working with leaders and organizations to boost performance and transform stress.

Pioneer of the resilient mindset. Developed the Resilience Pyramid. Researched stress and resilience in graduate school, impact on professionals.

Author. Fellow in AIS (American Institute of Stress). Licensed Heartmath Trainer.

resilience training for leaders

Change your mindset and you change everything!

resilience training for leaders

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